Cynthia Luczyski Senior Partner

After over 25 years as a highly acclaimed agent in San Gabriel Valley, and more than 40 years as one of its residents, Cynthia Luczyski is not only extremely experienced as a real estate agent, but she herself is very much one of the locals. Because of this, Cynthia has both an impressive familiarity with the business and an intimate understanding of the community and its neighborhoods. As a member of the Pasadena Women’s Committee, which supports the Pasadena Symphony, Cynthia is dedicated to the community and all that it has to offer. Her familiarity with the area means that her network expansive and her personal knowledge of the ins and outs of the region are unparalleled.

Lauren Luczyski Senior Partner

Born and raised in Pasadena, Lauren Luczyski is very much of a local as well. Having lived in and around Los Angeles her entire life, in addition to 13 years of experience in real estate, Lauren has an impressive familiarity with a wide range of localities. Prior to working as a full-time agent in the San Gabriel Valley, she spent time as an assistant at a real estate agency on the West Side, expanding her network and affording her a familiarity with much of the greater Los Angeles area. Lauren is also a dedicated participant in many of Pasadena’s philanthropic societies. As a member of the Circle of Friends as well as the Pasadena Children’s Guild, Lauren has been actively involved in the community for many years.

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