Tour Creative Director And Founder of A1000XBETTER Kirsten Blazek’s Soulful, Vintage Filled Home

By Ryann Miller

Once again, I have the distinct pleasure of walking you through a home that may as well have flown straight off my mood board and into my lap. It’s not every day you get to write about a dream home and for anyone who knows me and my style, it should come as no surprise that this is home of Kirsten Blazek, founder and creative director of A1000XBETTER. If you remember this home tour staged by AXB that I was head over heels for, you can probably guess I am a huge fan of them and everything they do. To say I am fangirling over featuring this home would be absolutely right, but what’s even more exciting is I got to pick Kirsten’s brain about her home, her inspiration, and her design processes. Of course I would never keep all that juicy knowledge to myself, so let’s get into it what makes this home so special.

Starting with the family room which underwent the biggest transformation (make sure to read until the end to see the very shocking before and after), you can see how every shape, color, and texture speaks to Kirsten’s impeccable eye for curating vintage and soulful homes so I had to ask how she does it.

To read the full article visit their website here.

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