The Stunning 1916 Knoll House on 2 Oak Knoll Terrace, Pasadena

Pasadena Now March 15, 2023


The Stunning 1916 Knoll House on 2 Oak Knoll Terrace, Pasadena

The Samuel C Fertig House, renamed The Knoll House in 1971 by its new owner, Mrs Virginia Steele Scott, was originally built in 1916 and designed by preeminent architect Myron Hunt. Originally sited on five contiguous lots totaling 10.3 acres, which later became Oak Knoll Terrace, the original two-story, sixteen-room residence, was later expanded by another leading architect of the time, Gordon B Kaufmann. To ensure consistency, Peter Hall acted as the contractor for both builds.

The property, already architecturally significant for the main Residence, rose to unparalleled prominence in 1973 with the addition of the Virginia Steele Scott Gallery by modernist architects Ladd & Kelsey, who had just designed the new Pasadena Art Museum (Norton Simon Museum), of which Mrs. Steele was a significant donor. The structure, intended to showcase Mrs. Steele’s extensive art collection was, from its inception, much more than a gallery. Encompassing over 20,000 square feet on three levels, it contained multiple living spaces, fireplaces, elevators, restrooms and circular staircases; kitchen; offices and multi-use spaces. Today, along with the Residence, the Gallery’s use and versatility far surpasses these original functions.

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