DPP Real Estate Welcomes Filip Kojic

dpp real estate September 6, 2022

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DPP Real Estate Welcomes Filip Kojic

dpp real estate is excited to announce Filip Kojic as a new agent to our Westside family.

A lifelong Angeleno, Filip prides himself on being an ‘ultra-low producer.’ He takes tremendous time, care, and effort in delivering a white-glove, totally bespoke service from beginning to end. This is founded on indomitable integrity and due diligence with utmost dedication to discretion. His diligence in a transaction is that of an engineer and his care for the client is that of a physician.
The trades he facilitates are based on hard facts and absolute transparency for all involved. Each individual transaction is 100 percent of what matters to any one client, rendering other transaction data meaningless. To Filip, residential real estate is not merely a game of numbers but a significant process uniquely tailored to each and every individual he has the privilege of working with, all the while executed in sophistication. Likewise, and essentially, chiefly by Filip himself. The person entrusted with the process, not any number of sub-contracted employees behind the scenes.
Filip’s service is always at the heart of your move. Reach out, start a dialogue, and your expectations will be favorably fulfilled.

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